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Nov 5, 2013 7:00am EST
. demonstrators took to the streets to express frustration over a worsening economy. and deteriorating security. prosecutors say morsi ordered his supporters to use force against opponents staging a sit-in around the presidential palace last december. at least five people were killed. morsi struck a defiant tone at the trial. he rejected the court's authority, refusing to wear a prison jumpsuit and calling himself president of the republic. hundreds of supporters gathered in front of the courthouse. members of his political base, the muslim brotherhood, called for nationwide protests. >> translator: the more the government pushes us down the stronger and more united we become. >> reporter: security personnel fired tear gas and detained some of the demonstrators. court officials adjourned the trial after two hours. they're expected to resume the proceedings in january. adly mansour has been serving as interim president. members of the government have been trying to stabilize the country. military leaders have cracked down on the muslim brotherhood but morsi supporters have vowed not to
Oct 31, 2013 7:00am EDT
sort of school. we will bring you more as it comes in. let's catch up with the eurozone economy. numbers,are the jobless numbers, unemployment rate for europe still at a record high. 12.2% unemployment rate across europe. talking about 26.8 million people who don't have a job. the increase from when this crisis really took hold, which was say the end of 2008 in europe, 60 million people were unemployed. just over an extra 10 million people we're talking about who have lost their jobs since the crisis and the subsequent low growth. putting a dent the labor market in the region was perhaps reaching a turning point. that is out the window. this is serious stuff. we're talking about a situation that is like a dog chasing its tail. these economies the more domestic consumption. basically, people in their countries on the ground spending money. did the economy growing. a growing economy physically creates jobs. if you're unemployed, no job, you're not spending money, even if you have a job you're worried about the economy and you kind of hold back. it is this persistent dog chasing it
Oct 30, 2013 7:00am EDT
funding for the world's biggest economy but after the damaging government shutdown and some disappointing jobs numbers recently, the economy looks substantially weaker than it did before. the fed is expected to maintain its policy of record low interest rates and delay the reduction of that big bazooka, that massive stimulus program, $85 billion every month pumped into the economy and expected to keep that going at least until 2014 following the u.s. government debt crisis. the end of the u.s. stimulus would have global ramifications. the threat of so-called tapering has already impacted emerging- market currencies. the indian rupee has taken a bit of a battering. not a less of sugar in it. the government plans to reduce the sugar content of british jam. they say it will lead to the end of the british breakfast as the country knows it. we have implemented that manufacturers could introduce running your spreads with reduced sugar content similar to those sold in germany. a liberal democrat mp says they will be dull in color and will not taste as good or last as long. m
Nov 4, 2013 7:00am EST
are positioning themselves with the world's biggest economies. the russians have watched china boom and they want a piece of that market.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4